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My full name is Dr. Kriszta Koczan, I am a physician by profession, I live in Hungary, in a town called Sopron near the Austrian border. After my three children left home for university, at long last I had the chance to fullfill my wish to paint (anything else than princesses, teddybears and cars for the kids).

With an excitedly taken deep breath, I took the first steps of my artistic journey at a local Drawing Club by our graphic artist called Szena. After a while he introduced me to some professional artists at camps and workshops in Fonyod at lake Balaton, Hungary. I had the chance to learn from Agota Talos, Laszlo Zsoka, Janos Sebestyen.  During pandemic I joined the Sipos Lorand Online Art School to improve my skills. 

My favourite technics are watercolour and acryllic. As a localpatriot my main inspiration is literally lying on the street, as I am trying to capture beauty and the the cozy spots' atmosphere of our lovely medieval town and the surrounding woods.

I started painting to get rid of the stress at my workplace and in my private life, but I noticed, that healing myself with creativity produced beauty and joy...

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